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The Bulldog Is Not Fading Away

Even though this article posted a few months ago, I would like to respond in defense of myself and my fellow bulldogs.

It is true that the bulldog can be known for having some health issues.  Our most common problem is hip dysplasia, however we are not the only breed that is suffering.  Many popular breeds, including golden retrievers and labs, suffer from the same condition in the latter years.  The ‘skin infections’ that we are prone to can be avoided by simply wiping our wrinkles once a week.  My momma cleans me every Monday, and my skin looks amazing.  I am Mr. Handsome.  I also find it strange that people are criticizing bulldogs/bulldog breeders for their smashed faces which can lead to breathing issues.  Well, we are not the only breed with smashed faces.  There are many other breeds of dogs, including pugs and puggles, that have the same issues, and since these breeds are typically smaller than an average sized bulldog, they actually have more breething problems.  Cherry Eye is also a common problem in bulldog puppies, which I personally have suffered from myself, but it is more common in smaller breeds such as poodles.  It is also an easily reversable condition. 

To be clear, I am not disagreeing with experts who say that the breeding needs to be slightly altered.  My shoulders can only get so big.  But I think that this article brings to light issues than most breeds face, and each breed has their specific issues associated with them. Example, poodles tend to lose their teeth and can have severe dental issues.

In the end, I believe that my breed are loving, caring, and devoted, and that any potential owner of an animal should understand the risks associated with the parenting.  However, it is unfair to say that the bulldog breed is failing and cannot be saved, when really we are stronger and more popular than ever.

Bulldogs unit!

Selecting Your Perfect Puppy

After traveling around to many socializations and ‘meet-n-greets’ with my momma, I have noticed that some people just do not fit with their pets.  So here are my tips for selecting the perfect pup:

1.  Research the breed before purchase: my mom and dad selected me specifically because I am lazy and sleep a lot (is that really a bad thing?). This works perfectly for them because we are always on the move, traveling from state to state.  I also don’t really care if I have to sit for long periods of time, which is good considering I am training to be a company mascot! Always make sure that whichever breed you are choosing, you understand the attention and behavior patterns to be expected.

2. Always visit your potential puppy in person: one particular person my momma likes to talk to ordered her pup online.  Why, I have no idea, but the situation did not turn out well for her.  The pup that she ordered was not the pup that she received, and they ended up scamming her out of some monehy (being a dog, I have no idea what this ‘money’ thing is that people speak of, but apparently it’s important). However, I do love playing with this particular pup.

I would always recommend visiting the breeder/seller and visiting the dogs before making a decision. In reality, it is the dog who selects you, not you who select the dog.  When you walk into a room of potential four-legged family members, always take the one that immediately walks up to you. They are selecting you as their family, and they are always right.

3. Take lots of photos with your selected puppy: normally you cannot take the pup home right away, as they are usually not old enough. Take as many photos as you can, and if you can’t stop looking at them, then you have selected the right pup!

4. Shower us with love: we as dogs have selected  you as family, and we expect to be showered with hugs and kisses from the day we arrive home.  We already love you unconditionally!

How To Teach a Bulldog To Skateboard

Every bulldog should learn how to skateboard! I am currently on step 2….still a little scary to me.

My Experience With Cherry Eye

Just got back from the doggie hospital after my cherry eye surgery. Let me tell you, it was no fun!  My eye was so swollen I could barely see.  Apparently, cherry eye is a pretty serious condition in dogs, good thing my momma took me in as soon as she noticed it!

The only way to fix cherry eye is through surgery.  Mine only took about one hour, and I spent about half the day at the vet.  I’m pretty sleepy now, but I don’t have to wear a cone or anything! Simple surgery, and I feel much better.

Here is some more information on cherry eye: